Revised on April 18th, 2018 - By purchasing you agree to the following terms and conditions - be sure to read them.


1. Your tuition is not transferable to other students.

2. Your reservation will be automatically confirmed once payment has been remitted through the online system.

3. Payment can be made through either credit card or paypal.

4. New students are required to pay an additional enrollment fee of 10,000 yen as well as a materials fee. However by booking through this website these fees are waived.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

1. Refund prior to the course start

● 15 days or more before course commencement: full refund, no charges.
● Within 14 days prior to course commencement:tuition will be refunded minus a 15,000 yen cancellation fee.

2. Refund after the course start
● Tuition will be refunded minus a cancellation fee based on rules indicated below.


A) Coto Academy will retain the weekly tuition cost for the number of weeks completed.


B) Coto Academy will refund the weekly tuition cost for the number of weeks left, minus a 20% cancellation charge.


C) In the case B) exceeds 50,000 yen, the maximum cancellation charge will automatically be set at 50,000 yen.

All refunds will be made by the end of the month after approval of cancellation, by bank transfer, minus the bank charges.

1. We recommend also notifying us by email.
2. Coto Academy retains the enrollment fee in the case of cancellation after course commencement.
3. Coto Academy accepts cancellation on a weekly basis only.
4. Changing the course dates is considered as a cancellation.


Catch-up Lessons

1. Catch-up lessons can be arranged for full day in-class lessons missed between Mondays - Thursdays.

We must receive your absence notice before 18:00 on the previous day.
2. We offer a maximum of 1 catch-up lesson per week.
3. A catch-up lesson can be a 50 minute private lesson or 2 part-time lessons.
4. Private catch-up lessons are available on weekdays from 13:00 to 13:50.
5. Catch-up lessons must be booked within the course's month.

Course Availability

Our Intensive Courses will be open if a minimum of 2 students are enrolled. Classes have a maximum of 8 students. However, if by the time of the scheduled start date - it occurs that you will be the only student due to other students cancelling, we will provide 2 lessons a day (50 min×2) in your scheduled class time. Regarding any field trips, we will provide 3 lessons as a replacement in the event of you being the single class participant.

Course Placement

1. Courses open depending on applicants and their preferences. We cannot guarantee your course will open in your preferred time. Placements are on a first-come-first-served basis.
2. After commencement of the course, if the instructors find a student's level to be insufficient for the level of the course, we reserve the right to have the student change their classes in the middle of their term.

Additionally, if a student is frequently absent and unable to keep up with the class material, we reserve the right to have the student change their classes in the middle of their term.


Force Majeure Event

Classes may be cancelled in case of uncontrolled events (natural disasters, etc). Alternative solutions will be arranged.