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N2 Grammar Self-Study Course

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How ready are you to take the JLPT N2 exam? Have you mastered all the grammar points? As the unofficial benchmark for Japanese fluency, the JLPT N2 exam will include complex and business-appropriate grammar and sentence structure. Pass the JLPT N2 with our grammar-focused syllabus. This is a self-study course that you complete on your own without a teacher. By purchasing this course, you will get access to our JLPT N2 grammar quizzes and our JLPT N2 Workbook. In this course, you will get: • Lesson materials dedicated to testing you on the JLPT N2 grammar. • A link to our downloadable JLPT N2 Grammar Workbook. • A monthly review on your overall performance. What is the difference between a one-time payment and self-study access? Self-study access gives you access to all of the Coto Challenges in this course system instead of just one. From N5 to N2, you can get our JLPT lesson materials and try them — as long as you have an active subscription and pay the monthly fee. After that it is ¥900 a month for full acces (less than 10 USD a month).

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Self-Study Access


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