Level up your Japanese writing with this 12 assignment course

Level up your Japanese business emails with this convenient online course.

Submit writing assignments and have your corrections graded.

This practical course will allow you to write many types of basic requests and replies to common business emails.

Instructor: Shigemi Matsumoto

Period of time: Three months

Price: 50,000 円(Including course material fee, tax)OR 17,000 JPY / Month

Suitable for student levels:
JLPT N3 and up


Sign up for 3 months at 17,000 JPY / Month


Join the course for a one time fee of 50,000 JPY

Course Samples

Sampl 1



Practice Exercise


Writing Assignment


Frequently asked questions

Business Writing Course

How long is this course?

This course has 12 written assignments in total. You can finish it as quickly or as slowly as you like.

For students who sign up on a Monthly basis - you are able to submit and see corrections for 4 assignments per month. So on a monthly plan - the quickest you would be able to finish this course is 3 months.

Is this a live online course with a video classroom?

No, this course is conducted via writing.

You will submit written business assignments and our professional instructor - Matsumoto sensei will grade them and give you corrective feedback.

Can I start this course any time?


There are no set start / finish dates for this course - you can join it any time.

We also offer a monthly subscription which will allow you to try the course and if you do not enjoy it or you think that it is not what you need - then you can cancel for the following month.

You are not obligated to continue the course if you would not like to on the monthly plan. However, on the monthly plan - you can only get 4 corrections per month.

What level should I be to join this course?

We have posted assignment / material samples on the page - please check them and if you feel like it is way above your level - then this course may not be for you.

We generally suggest this course to students who have passed the n3 and are considering taking the n2 of the JLPT.

Can I cancel the course after applying and receive a refund?

You may cancel and receive a partial refund if- *you have not submitted any assignments yet. *It is within one week from the application. A cancellation fee of 15,000 yen is deducted and the remaining amount(35000 yen/2000 yen) will be refunded by PayPal

For monthly paying students - you may cancel the next months payment - however you will not be entitled to any refund - the 17,000 yen will be kept - you will still be entitled to the credits for the 4 assignment corrections.
-If at least one assignment has been submitted -Cancellation and refund is not possible