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Level up your Japanese writing with this 12 assignment course

Level up your Japanese business emails with this convenient online course.

Submit writing assignments and have your corrections graded.

This practical course will allow you to write many types of basic requests and replies to common business emails.

Period of time: Three months

Price: 50,000 円(Including course material fee, tax)

Suitable for student levels:
JLPT N3 and up


Join the course for a one time fee of 50,000 JPY

Course Samples

Sampl 1



Practice Exercise


Writing Assignment


Frequently asked questions

How much does a display cost?

-$70.00 plus tax for a one day display -$75.00 plus tax for a five day display (Stork sign only) *$20.00 for an additional day

When are displays delivered?

Deliveries are made between 4:00 a.m.-6:30 a.m.

When are displays picked up?

Pickups are made before nightfall (depending on the time of year).

What type of material are the signs made out of?

Our displays are high quality and made of a durable vinyl that can withstand all weather elements.

Are there weather limitations?

Signs are available to rent year-round. They are durable to withstand any weather, rain, snow, hail, or sunshine!

How far in advance does an order need to be placed?

We suggest ordering as soon as possible, due to limitations of the signs.

Can I rent a sign through the website?

To rent a sign, customers must order a sign over the phone to ensure accuracy of the order.

What is the delivery process like?

The deliveries are very quick and quiet and require no work from the customer or recipient.

Are the signs rentals or can I buy mine?

All signs are strictly rentals.

How big are the displays?

A full display includes a 7ft board with two lines at the top of the board to personalize a message, as well as approximately 25-30 individual pieces that scatter the yard.

What is your delivery radius?

Roughly ~25 miles. Call us or visit our 'Contact' page for more information.