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What is The JLPT Mega List?

This is the complete JLPT guide for students who want to take — or planning to take — the proficiency exam. 

You will get full access to our N5 to N1 material. 

Each sheet will take you on a particular test element: kanji, vocabulary or grammar. Once you've mastered them, you can simply check the box and move on to the next point. 

How to Get It — for Free

Yes, this list is completely free for all online learners. All you have to do is sign up to our mailing list, and we'll immediately send you a link to our sheet. You can duplicate and download it. How and when you plan to use it is up to you. 

By joining our mailing list, we'll be sending you our favorite learning resources and blog posts.

How Our Mega List Can Help You

We've compiled all five levels of JLPT into one sheet.

This is why our mega list is your ultimate one-stop learning guide. No more bundles of heavy textbooks and workbooks. When you're done with one section, the next lesson is just one swipe away.​

The checkboxes allow you to see progress, too. You can steadily reach your target Japanese level without feeling like you're forcing yourself. 


Learn Japanese The Fun and Easy Way

Update your learning progress percentage  as you go on week by week 

Go through each and every kanji, vocabulary and grammar points you'll find on JLPT exams. 

Full access for our downloadable N1 to N5 material

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