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N3 漢字&Vocabulary

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Virtual Classroom

Learn with an interactive whiteboard

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Kanji Writing / Vocabulary

Get our custom JLPT N3 Kanji Writing Workbook & learn the top kanji for the JLPT N3

Thursdays 19:10 - 21:00

Japan Standard Time GMT +9

Coto N3 Grammar

Learn with our in-house Grammar Textbook and our virtual classroom.

Tuesdays 19:10 - 21:00

Japan Standard Time GMT +9


About Miki Sensei - Your JLPT N3 Prep Teacher

At university, Nadaoka Miki San majored in Foreign Language Education. She studied both English and teaching Japanese as a foreign language.


As well as studying abroad in New Zealand.

After graduating from university, she gained experience as a Japanese language teacher.

She has taught Japanese at many places - (from private elementary through junior high schools in Australia).


She also has experience teahing in Japan at local Japanese language schools.

While teaching in Melbourne, she became fascinated by coffee culture. She enjoys café tours and has even earned Barista qualifications.

So feel free to chat with her about her love for coffee!


A message from Miki Sensei


“I think that it is best for learners to have fun in class.  Without having fun - learning becomes much harder.  Scientific research can also support this.

The more relaxed a student is - the more knowledge they will retain.

I also personally belive that learning is not a one-way interaction from teacher to student. Students can learn from each other, and I really enjoy when students in my class learn together!

Because empathy is important in learning – I try to give lessons that create an emotional connection in my students. This allows them to better remember – and it also deepens their knowledge of Japanese Culture.”

I hope to be able to connect with you soon!  See you in class.

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