JLPT N4 Online Prep Course

Learn how to Pass the JLPT N4 with Grammar and Kanji

Utilizing our self-developed exercises and course materials - this course will equip you with all of the knowledge that you will need to pass the JLPT N4.

Taught by Kambara Sensei in a seminar style format - this course will allow you to ask questions through the chat and complete homework assignments to test your knowledge.

About our JLPT N4 Prep Course

What will we learn? What materials does this course use?

This course uses a combination of live exercises developed by our instructor.

It also utilizes a Coto JLPT N4 Grammar book and N4 Kanji book that our in-house curriculum team has developed.
For Vocabulary and Reading parts, it uses Shin-Kanzen Master series books.

What are the payment methods? Is there a trial lesson that I can take?

We do not offer a trial lesson. You can pay via a debit or credit card by PayPal or Stripe and the payment is charged on a monthly basis.

When should I complete the first payment?  Can I pay now but start later?

Your subscription starts from the day that you pay so we would advise you to complete payment and enroll in the course 1-2 days before your desired first lesson.


JLPT N4 Full Review Course

Tuesdays & Thursdays


Japan Time (JST) GMT+9

Prepare to pass the JLPT N4 - this comprehensive course will cover grammar, reading, kanji and vocabulary.


22,000 JPY / Month

Watch a sample

Watch a clip from inside the course

We teach via zoom and utilize features to make our seminar lectures compelling.

After class - you can view the class recordings to review if you miss anything!


About Kambara (Yuka) Sensei - Your JLPT N4 Prep Teacher

Personal profile

After graduating as an Auto-mechanic and from Junior college at the same time.  Kambara san worked as an Auto-mechanic at Nissan.

Several years later, Kambara went to Australia for a working Holiday. Because of her experiences living as a foreigner in another country - she wants to help foreign residents who are staying in Japan.

After passing the Japanese Language Teaching Proficiency Test, she started teaching at Coto full-time in 2013.

She also runs her own camper-van rental business, where she rennovates the campers and turns them into luxury travel sleepers.

A message from Kambara

"Learning a new language should be about finding something that you can bring to class and use every day.

It is my mission to make ever-day life for foreigners staying in Japan fun.  I want my lessons to make a difference in the lives of my students."