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N1 漢字&Vocabulary

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Starting June 30th, 2020

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About Atsuyo Sensei - Your JLPT N1 Prep Teacher

Born in Wakayama Prefecture, Atusyo sensei graduated from the University of Osaka with a bachelor in foreign studies - she is an experienced professional Japanese teacher.


A message from Atusyo Sensei


For students currently in Japan, I want to empower them to enjoy Japan more. 

And for students in other countries with an interest in Japan.  I want to help empower them to achieve their goals - whether that's moving to Japan -  or getting a job in their home country at a Japanese company. 


I will do my best to support everyone who wants to learn Japanese or improve their conversational skills!


This course uses the Shin Kanzen Master N1 Textbook Series

An industry-leading textbook that offers the student practical exercises and advice to help them prepare for the exam.