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This Summer - Step-up your Japanese Speaking.


Online Group Practice Lessons 

August 11th - September 30th


  • Online Practice Lessons in small groups  to Review and Improve

  • Book your own lessons from a variety of different topics and levels on our online scheduling system.

  • Study at your own pace - Set your frequency and progress rapidly.

What are online group practice lessons?

  • Small groups (Maximum of 4)

  • Conversation focused (Practice Speaking)

  • Topic and Skill Specific (Learn and Practice in the same lesson)

They are very similar to our part-time (formerly "nihongo plus") courses.


What lessons are available?

  • Five Levels (Starter, Beginner, Upper Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)

  • 50 minute lessons (Can be scheduled back to back)

Our Online Group Practice Lessons cover a wide variety of topics and skills that you can use in the Japanese language.

When you log into the booking system - you will be able to see which course covers which topic.

This is a great opportunity for you to step-up areas of your Japanese that you need help with.


Starters: Learn Japanese skills for every-day use.  Create sentences on your own.

Beginners: Use basic conjugated forms and learn how to speak fundamental japanese naturally.

Upper Beginners:  Practice making conversation about a variety of topics - focus on your output and speaking more naturally.

Intermediate: Acquire a broad spectrum of vocabulary and freely use it in numerous sentence patterns during conversations, speak only in Japanese.

Advanced: Read and discuss current events.  Broaden your Japanese vocabulary and speak naturally.

How can I get started?​

  • Purchase a lesson package (below)

  • We will send account details that you can use to login

  • Log in to your student my page (Platinum) and book your lessons (We will provide you access within 24 hours of purchase - 1 business day)

Save on Lessons for a limited time!

These lessons are significantly discounted from our in-person part-time lesson pricing.  Don't miss this opportunity to level up your Japanese speaking!

Purchase your Package and Get Started