This Summer - Step-up your Japanese Speaking.


Online Group Practice Lessons 

August 11th - September 30th


  • Online Practice Lessons in small groups  to Review and Improve

  • Book your own lessons from a variety of different topics and levels on our online scheduling system.

  • Study at your own pace - Set your frequency and progress rapidly.

What are online group practice lessons?

  • Small groups (Maximum of 4)

  • Conversation focused (Practice Speaking)

  • Topic and Skill Specific (Learn and Practice in the same lesson)

They are very similar to our part-time (formerly "nihongo plus") courses.


What lessons are available?

  • Five Levels (Starter, Beginner, Upper Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)

  • 50 minute lessons (Can be scheduled back to back)

Our Online Group Practice Lessons cover a wide variety of topics and skills that you can use in the Japanese language.

When you log into the booking system - you will be able to see which course covers which topic.

This is a great opportunity for you to step-up areas of your Japanese that you need help with.


Starters: Learn Japanese skills for every-day use.  Create sentences on your own.

Beginners: Use basic conjugated forms and learn how to speak fundamental japanese naturally.

Upper Beginners:  Practice making conversation about a variety of topics - focus on your output and speaking more naturally.

Intermediate: Acquire a broad spectrum of vocabulary and freely use it in numerous sentence patterns during conversations, speak only in Japanese.

Advanced: Read and discuss current events.  Broaden your Japanese vocabulary and speak naturally.

How can I get started?​

  • Purchase a lesson package (below)

  • We will send account details that you can use to login

  • Log in to your student my page (Platinum) and book your lessons (We will provide you access within 24 hours of purchase - 1 business day)

Save on Lessons for a limited time!

These lessons are significantly discounted from our in-person part-time lesson pricing.  Don't miss this opportunity to level up your Japanese speaking!

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How to Buy a Small Group Online Lesson Package via Credit or Debit Card

  1. Add your course package to your account by clicking on the package option.

  2. Click the checkout with paypal button

  3. Click the "Pay with Credit Card or Debit Card' button