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Brand New JLPT N4 Course - Study online to Pass the JLPT

Pass the JLPT N4 with this brand new online course. The December 2020 JLPT has just finished! And we are happy to announce that you can now get a head-start on your Japanese learning for the July 2021 JLPT with our new JLPT N4 Course

JLPT N4 Online Course - Class

Taught in an online seminar style format - this online class is designed to prepare you for all of the grammar and vocabulary you will encounter when you prepare to take the JLPT N4.

Taught by Kambara Sensei - who you may know from our Youtube Channel - this course is a great option for those that need accountability and a push to study consistently in their preparation for the JLPT N4.

For a special message and to learn more about the course contents - click this link to be taken to the JLPT N4 Course Page

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