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Coaching Sessions to improve your Japanese for Business

Do you work in Japan? Are you having a hard-time communciating effectively at work? We are now offering Business Coaching sessions to help improve work life for foreign employees at Japanese Companies.

These lessons are most effective for students who already have some sort of Japanese ability - but have specific questions about how to better work in a Japanese office. What are business coaching sessions? Get your questions answered by a Bi-lingual instructor who has more than 10 years of business experience in cross-cultural communication settings. This lesson type can be used for:

  • Business Role play

  • Interview Practice

  • Speech Preparation

  • Sales Email Creation and Optimization

  • Sales conversations, company pitches, product introductions.

When you reserve this type of lesson - be sure to send a message with the following information:

  • What your goals are for the lesson and what you’d like to do during the lesson.

  • What language you would like to use in the lesson - (Japanese only - Japanese and English - English only) If a non-disclosure agreement is necessary - please let us know in advance of the lesson. Learn more by connecting with us through the chat box or by emailing us at

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