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Online Japanese Lessons

Are you learning Japanese online? Are you considering taking online lessons? If you need to make a decision about which lessons to take - you should really understand the pros and cons of online lesson types. Each lesson type is different and has different purposes. There are also benefits and drawbacks depending on what type of online Japanese course you are thinking of taking. In this blog we have shared what we think are our honest opinions of the benefits

Online Private Lessons:

Pros of Private Online Lessons

  • Personalized Learning

  • Maximum Time Benefit

  • Ability to customize lessons

Cons of Private Online Lessons

  • You need a clear idea and plan for what you want to accomplish.

You may be wondering if private lessons are the right choice for your Japanese learning?

This depends on what type of learner you are - what level you are at - and what you hope to accomplish with your lessons. Types of Providers that offer Private Japanese Lessons Online Peer to Peer Networks Pros: Low cost - Can find good Japanese teachers Cons: Quality varies based on teacher and student need. High rate of failure in finding a quality teacher.

The biggest drawback of private online Japanese lessons from a peer to peer marketplace are that they are not standardized. This means that you will need to create your own curriculum to support your learning and you may have issues with the quality of the instructor. This is why many learners who take lessons via peer to peer learning platforms for little cost get easily discouraged. When you sign up for these platforms and you buy a low cost lesson - it is a good opportunity to get some basic speaking practice with a native; but the level of professionalism of the teacher and how prepared they are varies significantly. If you can find a great teacher in a short amount of time for a good price, this can be an option for you. But if you are having trouble finding a teacher that matches your needs - it may be frustrating and a waste of time and money. Membership Services

There are also several services that offer monthly memberships to a roster of freelance Japanese language teachers. These services are less technically polished than the peer to peer market places that they compete with. They are typically more expensive than a self-serve peer to peer marketplace - and their best advantage is that you can take lessons on a regular schedule. These membership services often take a large commission from each teacher due to the rates that they are charging - and many of the teachers that work for them also list and participate in other peer to peer market places. You can find good teachers here - but you will have little control over booking your regular lessons with the same teacher. Coto Online Lessons - What makes Coto Unique

At Coto we offer the ability to book regular lessons with a teacher of your choice so that you can enjoy taking regular lessons on a consistent basis and progress in your Japanese. The significant advantage to our lessons is the personalized matching that we provide as part of our interview and level check. This helps us to match you with a teacher that is much closer to your desired need and interest. In addition - we are flexible and happy to work with you to find a solution to your learning goals should you find that you and your teacher just aren't clicking we can always provide an alternative. This doesn't happen often - but when it does, we can offer a free course consultation to discuss your updated needs and come up with a plan together with you to improve the quality and enjoyment of your Japanese lessons. We would encourage you to connect with us for a free level check and interview so that we can suggest a suitable course!

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